In this project, I worked under Dr. Nadir Weibel at the Human-Centered and Ubiquitous Computing Lab at the University of California, San Diego. It consists of ethnographic studies of three participants with severe motor disabilities (SMDs) and their families to understand the everyday needs and abilities of both the SMD-affected individuals and their caretakers or families. After observations and interviews, I developed simple web prototypes to test and better understand the extent of individual abilities across participants. Through this study, we were able to provide design considerations for future assistive technology devices, suggest research techniques for approaching sensitive populations, and create an initial assistive device prototype.
man lying on bed with eye-tracking device propped in front of him

A man with severe motor impairments uses an eye-tracking device to communicate.

man looks at mobile phone while woman holds his hand above the phone screen

A man with severe motor impairments uses a mobile app to answer "Yes" or "No" questions. A woman helps him by holding his hand steady.