Poster about research methods and procedures for a study on daily challenges to affect eating behavior

A poster displaying the research plan for studying the impact of food mindfulness on eating behavior.

Promoting food mindfulness can help facilitate healthy eating behaviors. That's why we came up with crumbs, or daily food challenges, which encourage users to be more mindful of the food they consume. Crumbs provides a challenge to eat a type of food or a food with a different quality and asks users to upload a picture of the food the user ate to complete the task. This tracking helps users be more aware of the food they consume, which can remind them to eat healthier.
1) mobile app screen with a list of past challenges, 2) a mobile app screen with a calendar including highlighted days for completed challenges, 3) a mobile app screen with a calendar displaying completed challenges and a user's comments for each challenge

Three iterations of a calendar feature displaying daily challenge histories. Oldest on the left, newest on the right.

My teammates and I iterated through the designs, making changes to the visual design and the interaction each time.
The first iteration displays a list of recent, prior challenges with a user's comments for each challenge. Three indicators, an uploaded image of the challenge, the user's comments, and a green checkmark act as indicators that a challenge was completed.
In the second iteration, a calendar allows users to quickly see their challenge completion streak and jump to specific challenge days. The iteration requires users to click on a challenge to view any comments added.
In the final iteration, the calendar again allows users to quickly see which challenges have been completed on which days. It provides thumbnails of images that a user uploaded for each challenge so that they could easier decide which day to jump to when searching. The bottom half of the screen displays the challenge and comments and can be toggled to expand on details.
The video below, created by my teammates, demonstrates the final prototype. It includes features such as viewing and completing a daily challenge, looking at the challenge history, and checking progress stats.

The video demo shows all the screens of the prototype for an app called Food4Thought.