I redesigned the website in an interactive prototype for an alcohol intervention project. In this project, it was extremely important that the written content remain exactly as the original authors had created it, as it was written by experts and was intended to be used as a form of intervention for at-risk alcohol drinkers. However, in order for the intervention to be more effective, the researchers of this project requested a more exciting visual design and interactive features. Below shows an example of the previous web version.
paragraphs of text about alcohol

Example snippet of tips regarding alcohol consumption in original version of website

In the previous version, text was often displayed in paragraphs which filled a page. In order to engage participants and attract attention, I separated each point into interactive tiles. After clicking and reading a tile, a green checkmark would appear on the corner on the tile, indicating completed progress. In a usability test for the web prototype, participants described the visual design and interactive tiles as positive and particularly enjoyable aspects, despite having no prompt about the design or interaction. Participants also reported that reading the information was interesting and fun--this differs from the previous version of the website, where participants reported that the same information was too much to read.
tips about alcohol displayed in a card format

Revised tips regarding alcohol consumption. No change of text.

The interactive tiles are just one example of the changes I made in my prototype for the alcohol intervention project. The entire prototype consisted of 72 web pages for the multi-part project. I was able to implement design changes without changing any of the content, which was one of the aspects the researchers found most important to keep.